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Sending a Kitty Glitter Bomb? Bob will send one for you and the profits help run his foster kitten program

So, someone pissed you off and you are going to send them a Glitter Bomb. Well why don't you do the right thing and let me take care of sending it for you. This way the seven bucks profit I make goes towards taking care of the dozens of kittens my wife and I foster every season. Why let your lust for revenge line some kids pocket when you can redeem yourself and let the tainted profits from your evil plan go to a good cause.

Bob says "Sometimes Revenge Can Be A Good Thing"

WTF - You are going to do It anyway Alrighty then, you are hell set on fucking someone's life up with a Glitter Bomb. There's someone out there that has pissed you off, or maybe you just want to bust out a friend. Here's your chance to send your bomb and help some of the cutest kittens you have ever laid eyes on. The money that I make from this site is helping fund my families foster kitten efforts.

Why Bomb With Bob? There are dozens of Glitter Bomb sites popping up on the web. Why choose me to help with your diabolical plans? Because after I have your bomb mailed by a reliable Glitter Bomber, I am going to use the rest of your cash to help care for a whole shit load of kittens.

For ten bucks I will send the target of your offbeat shenanigans so much glitter in an envelope that they'll be finding the shit everywhere for months! I will even let you personalize your note to the person. There is a space on the form that you will be filling out to speak your mind.

How much is a Kitty Glitter Bomb?

"$10 USD... $3 to mail the bomb anywhere in the world and $7 to help finance Bob's foster kitten program."
What happens after I pay though PayPal? I send you a form to fill out, then for maximum security for both you and me, I rely on a dependable third party Glitter Bomber to do my mailings for me. I don't even know where this dude is from. This way you are getting double the security walls. I will gladly send you a mail confirmation if you want one.

Will the recipient know that I sent the glitter bomb?
No way. I am using a dependable source to mail my Glitter bombs. He uses a fake return address and wipes all letters clean before he mails them. I have used this source for many months and I am very pleased with the results.

Glitter Bomb? Does the letter actually explode?
No. I am not stupid. However, If you are a member of Homeland Security then all references on this site to a bomb are total BULLSHIT.

What People Are Saying... Bombs Away - Thanks Bob!

"I used Bob for my glitter bomb becuase I want to help his foster kittens. My ex got the bomb and boy was he pissed. Thanks Bob XXX OOO"
- Rosey from Texas

"Send my dickhead ex boss a glitter bomb and help some homeless kittens? Best ten bucks I ever spent. Bob you are the bomb"
- Claire from Washington